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Business Continuity

Today, businesses realize that they need to revamp their procedures and information systems to avert or respond more quickly and efficiently to disasters, whether manmade or natural. A crucial component of this is effectively merging a variety of internal and external data sources and then sharing that information. In today's world, we need to erode the information boundaries that have existed in the past. The information that is readily available must be integrated to produce a whole new breed of intelligence. The barriers that exist between public and private organizations must fall in the interest of public safety and business continuity. Knowing where your assets are and how to deploy them effectively is vital to corporate profitability.

The payback of this information sharing can be measured in terms of bottom-line dollars associated with business continuity. And the side stream benefits experienced in normal operations may even stand on their own merits in justifying the investment.

Our nation has one of the most complex and varied infrastructures in the world, including fiber and copper managed by communications companies, gas lines, overhead and underground electric lines, and water lines, to name a few. Some of that infrastructure is decades old and some of it brand new. Chances are most organizations do not have a complete picture of the entire system. This can create a nightmare scenario when it comes to managing the infrastructure and assessing critical situations. What other areas will be impacted by a service disruption, and how soon? Knowing "where" is crucial.

TSI's business continuity expertise was put into play when Verizon in Manhattan realized that it was imperative to have a system that would provide information about the entire infrastructure in order to be prepared and responsive. TSI developed and delivered the solution to support them should any disaster occur that renders equipment in a particular area inoperable.

Similarly, Con Ed’s New York facility employs a TSI solution to deal with rolling outages due to brown outs and black outs which allows them to proactively deal the impacts of these outages.