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Communications and Utilities

Getting a comprehensive view of all the infrastructure and physical assets that need to be supported is a major challenge for nearly every communication and utility provider. Understanding different views, such as the number of people affected by an outage, or how to dispatch personnel most efficiently when a disaster leaves you short-handed is an even greater challenge.

TSI has a wealth of experience in the design and development of solutions for all types of communication and utility providers, with specific focus on:

Asset Tracking

Infrastructure Management

Asset Tracking

Knowing where your assets are and how to deploy them effectively is vital to corporate profitability. But being able to address natural and man-made disasters in timely fashion is of equal or greater importance. TSI can design and implement an entire range of mapping and spatial analysis solutions for your organization that can help you track assets and be more responsive to a crisis. Many telecommunications companies continue to rely on some paper maps or disjointed mapping systems for some or much of their fiber and copper resources. The result is an incredibly inefficient and inaccessible location intelligence system. The same is true for gas and electric utilities. TSI has extensive experience in designing solutions that move companies from paper to online access, as well as combining location intelligence from various sources.

Asset tracking includes tracking human resources, infrastructure, and service vehicles. TSI can design and implement an automated vehicle locator (AVL) solution that supports efficient dispatching of company personnel and integrates into your current dispatch system. Supervisors can visually track one car or all service vehicles concurrently.

Infrastructure Management

Our nation probably has the most complex and varied infrastructure in the world, including the copper and fiber managed by communications companies, gas lines, overhead and underground electric lines, and water lines. Some of that infrastructure is many decades old; some of it brand new. Chances are, you don't have a complete picture of the entire system. And that creates a nightmare when it comes to managing the infrastructure and assessing critical situations. What other areas will be impacted by a service disruption, and how soon?

TSI can devise infrastructure management solutions that let you make those kinds of assessments, including visualization of outages and assets as well as applying advanced spatial analysis. Spatial analysis techniques can help you rely less on personnel to perform assessments and more on automated correlation of information being fed into databases as events unfold, saving precious minutes or hours that could avert a larger crisis or service disruption. TSI can also integrate information from many other database sources that help in understanding the impact of other organizations' infrastructure on the maintenance of your own. Sharing information among organizations, in both the public and private sectors, is essential to ensure uninterupted service.

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