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Public Safety

Every moment of every day, some public sector organization in the nation anguishes over being deprived of the location intelligence that could have helped them respond to a crisis minutes or even seconds earlier. Added to that is a lack of access to and understanding of information stored in other organizations' databases-information that could enable safety personnel to prevent or minimize the final impact of the dangerous situation. With ongoing threats to homeland security, more organizations are realizing the importance of fully utilizing location intelligence and spatial analysis technology, and of sharing that intelligence with others.

TSI has a wealth of experience in the design and development of public safety solutions that provide Crime Analysis, Vehicle Tracking, Enhanced 911, and In-Car Mapping.

Crime Analysis

TSI can design and implement an entire range of crime analysis capabilities for your organization, whether that means devising a new solution or extending the capabilities of your current system. Examples of solutions include:

•  Providing the strategic ability to analyze crime hotspots.

•  Enabling real-time visualization (with mapping) of multiple layers of information that is immediately accessible by a police officer on patrol or emergency personnel via a wireless device.

•  Exchanging critical spatial information with allies in government organizations or the private sector using a web-enabled application.

Vehicle Tracking

Knowing the location of your mobile personnel at any given moment is important, but it becomes imperative when a manmade or natural disaster occurs. TSI devises solutions that combine mapping and cellular technology to provide information on the location, speed, and direction of selected vehicles, providing real-time decision support capabilities to supervisors. Private sector automated vehicle locator (AVL) implementations, particularly for primary utility providers, are also important. In times of disaster, all types of vehicles literally become emergency response vehicles. Your TSI solution can include support for after-the-fact historical review and analysis of vehicular movements, enabling organizations to improve their emergency preparedness.

Enhanced 911

TSI can help your organization deploy or extend an E911 solution, whether that involves the integration of visualization (mapping) support, or improving your system to incorporate E911 support for cellular phones.

In-Car Mapping

In-car mapping is an increasingly popular technology for public safety organizations, simply because it puts needed information directly in the hands of those who must make the split-second decisions. TSI can design and integrate an in-car mapping solution that lets personnel have access to many different subsets of critical information, using either a laptop or pocket PC. Mapping support is not restricted to fundamental geographic detail; it can include real-time information and results from spatial analysis. Mapping and data support required can also vary according to role or position. For example, the range and type of information that a remote supervisor requires may differ from that needed by a frontline responder in another vehicle. TSI builds solutions that recognize and are sensitive to the roles of different types of personnel.

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