Unique Insights Into Your Data


TSI enables both its public and private sector clients to implement an impressive range of solutions - from on-screen visualization using maps and location pinpointing to sophisticated wireless and web applications that enable customers to improve customer responsiveness, business process analysis, sales territory definition, gps tracking, route optimization, power outage impact and network planning. With over two decades of experience under its belt, TSI has emerged as specialists in the development of both mapping and spatial analysis solutions for public safety, communications and utilities and business continuity.


What types of information are the most meaningful to be mapped for your operations? Is it location of key assets, crime statistics, population density, or other demographics? Or is it real-time information, like the location of vehicles? Or perhaps it is a combination of static and real-time information if business continuity is your motivation. Chances are that the answer varies depending on your mission and even based upon the different roles individuals play in your organization.

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TSI is here to assist your organization to access and collect the types of information needed and display this visually as overlays on a map, exposing patterns and trends that might otherwise go unnoticed.

TSI can also customize these layers of information to meet the needs of various personnel and deliver it in its most appropriate form - via a desktop PC, on the web, or through a wireless device. By customizing and extending MapInfo, or other popular mapping products to provide comprehensive solutions, TSI can deliver new insights into your organization, and can dramatically improve your planning, effectiveness, and overall productivity.

Spatial Analysis

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Mapping and overlaying various types of information can provide meaningful visual insight into data relationships. Furthermore, TSI reaches beyond visual mapping to provide solutions that pick up where visual mapping leaves off. This ranges from sophisticated database pattern searching and detection, to providing sets of information selected by their spatial components and delivered in text form for further analysis.