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About Us

Known for its progressive solution development for organizations in both the public and private sectors, TSI brings more than 28 years of experience satisfying customer needs for mapping and spatial analysis technology. TSI was founded to help early adopters of geographic information systems (GIS) products practically apply and integrate these mapping technologies into their existing IT environments. The company's rich base of experience and expertise ensures that every solution, whether for public safety or private enterprise, is both pragmatic and insightful in achieving the maximum return on investment in these systems.

TSI's mission is to incorporate mapping and spatial analysis technology in ways that truly revolutionize the way its customers-and especially those engaged in public safety - do business. Enabling its customers to tap into, grow, and analyze the vast wealth of spatial information that is available, TSI also helps to promote the selective sharing of critical information across organizational boundaries. In the area of public safety, for instance, that information sharing can be mission critical and result in very tangible preservation of human life and corporate profitability during times of natural disaster and threats to homeland security.

TSI has served customers whose vision and needs went beyond the basic use of off-the-shelf mapping technology since 1987. Initially, that meant helping customers understand, install, and extend GIS products to satisfy critical business objectives. During the past decade, TSI has expanded its scope to embrace more advanced solutions and services, including sophisticated spatial analysis and back-end database connectivity. Today, public safety organizations large and small, as well as large telecommunication and utilities providers, have seen the benefit of the comprehensive and thoughtfully integrated solutions and services provided by TSI.