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Application Development

TSI is prepared to satisfy all your custom application development needs, enabling you to achieve objectives that fall outside the scope of off-the-shelf mapping and spatial analysis software. Because of our experience in developing comprehensive solutions, we are familiar with both the technology and practices needed to develop reliable applications. We know the interfaces to off-the-shelf products, and we are familiar with the popular types of database technology that are needed to access your existing data stores.

Some of the objectives for a few of the custom applications that TSI has developed include:

•  Routing and Tracking of dispatched vehicles using GPS with real-time updates of vehicle locations

•  Display datasets over Google and Bing maps with customized search and reporting functions

•  Spatially enabling a centralized database or data warehouse for use within multiple departments for better decision making

•  Providing location-based reporting on the desktop or Internet

•  Intuitive user interfaces enabling shorter learning curves and faster ROI

•  Web enable real-time display of changing information whether it is an emergency vehicle, first responder, power outages, etc.